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 LOS ANGELES TIMES | Entertainment      Tuesday, November 29, 2016  ___________________________________________________________     'Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath' is a compelling, if unsophisticated, investigation of church> In the News - 'Gilmore Girls' composer Sam Phillips shows us what’s inside her head> - Plumbing the depths of sorrow with Casey Affleck and Kenneth Lonergan of 'Manchester By the Sea'> - Gotham Awards: Big night for 'Moonlight'> - A coffee-free Lauren Graham on the 'Gilmore Girls' revival and becoming a writer> ___________________________________________________________ MOVIES - 'Zootopia' and 'Kubo' lead Annie Awards nominations> - Buzz builds for new 'Star Wars' film: 'Within minutes ... we sold hundreds of thousands of tickets'> - Box office: With more than $81 million in ticket sales, 'Moana' feasts on the Thanksgiving competition> - Exclusive reveal of El Capitan's limited 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' poster> ___________________________________________________________ TELEVISION - James Corden is officially cooler than LL Cool J> - Stephen Colbert will return to host Kennedy Center Honors> - Alec Baldwin will be back as Donald Trump on 'SNL,' but don't get used to it> - Actress Lisa Masters of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' is found dead in Peru; suicide suspected> ___________________________________________________________ CELEBRITY - Former 'Brat Pack' star Anthony Michael Hall charged with attacking neighbor> - Kanye West remains hospitalized, reportedly not stable enough to go home> - Elton John is going to play at Donald Trump's inaugural celebration? Definitely not> - Justin Bieber punches a grabby Spanish fan, leaves him with a bloody lip> ___________________________________________________________ MUSIC - Surprised Aretha Franklin took her time with the national anthem? You shouldn't be> - Long after 'The Life Aquatic,' Seu Jorge still has David Bowie on his mind> - Garth Brooks' aim is off on the too-safe 'Gunslinger'> - Star maker Milt Okun, who brought John Denver and Placido Domingo together, dies at 92> ___________________________________________________________ ENTERTAINMENT BLOGS - Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza looks for sports programming that punches through> - '#Ham4Bey' is the 'Hamilton' and Beyoncé mashup you didn't know you wanted> - Exploitative or empowering? Dr. Phil's interview with Shelley Duvall sparks controversy> - The adventures of 'Bee and PuppyCat' continue, and new episodes of 'Bravest Warriors' are on the way> ___________________________________________________________ MORE ENTERTAINMENT - First 'Lemony Snicket' trailer has all the Neil Patrick Harris you could want... and more> - Buckle up: Madonna is heading to 'Carpool Karaoke'> - 'Full Frontal' renewal guarantees another year of Samantha Bee's righteous fury> ___________________________________________________________ About this Communication: Unsubscribe from Entertainment" > Update Your E-mail Preferences View Your User Profile Privacy Policy Los Angeles Times, 202 West First Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012 1-800-LA-TIMES